Caregiver Survival 101


Did you know there area 67 millions family caregivers in the United States alone? Most are overwhelmed and living in a silent crisis. This number is on the rise and the care of our aging population will fall upon the family. The sooner we wake up and embrace this, the better off we’ll all be.
If you are already in the throes of caregiving and feel like you are slipping into quicksand, we want you to know help is available. You don’t have to do caregiving alone; in fact, you shouldn’t do it alone. There are certain secrets for dealing with the challenges of caregiving. The biggest secret is to learn the art of resiliency. Being reslient does not mean you’re running on adrenaline all day, it means just the opposite. By practicing the steps below you will be on your way to finding more balance in your life as a caregiver

Put Systems and Procedures into Place: Caregiving is like a business systems in place and procedures to help you implement . If you’re avoided this step, try to take some time to systemize whatever you can. Don’t try to do too much at one time or you’ll become overwhelmed.
Tackel one or two things a week and when you’ve mastered them, do a couple more.

Be Informed: Worry and anxiety occur when we lack information. Stay educated and informed. Information is available everywhere, just make sure yours come from a creditable source!

Be Clear on What You Can and Cannot Do: Realizing your personal limitations is key. Too many caregivers fail to address this and end up physically and emotionally exhausted.

Manage Your Guilt: Guilt is a driving force when you are caregiver, but you cannot manage caregiving from a place of guilt. Getting a a handle on this extremely important for your personal well-being

Stop Trying to be Perfect: In other words – Cut yourself some slack!

Get Help!: Help, like information, is available everywhere; but, you need to find the right help and you need to ask. Help does not show up until you ask for it.

Take Time off: Plan your schedule as far in advance as possible and make time for yourself. If you avoid this step, you will end up experiencing caregiver burnout.

Maintain a Sense of Humor: There are really funny moments in caregiving and it’s okay to laugh about them.

Rest and Relax: Learning ways to calm your mind while resting your body is key. You might try a quiet session of getting comfortable listening to soul music. Allow yourself to drift off.

Celebrate your Accomplishments: This may seem simple, but sadly most caregivers spend to no time celebrating much of anything.

Nature Spirituality: There is more and more evidence that individuals who have a spiritual practice cope better with life’s challenges.

Focus on Today: This is all we have. Caregivers spend unnecessary time worrying about a future you cont control. In fact, you can only partially control your day. Live in the moment and embrace the compassionate act you are performing – the loving act of caregiving

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