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If you are a caregiver, you know how your interactions with your loved one can create peace. Gentleness is a quality that comes from the heart and soul. Gentleness is intertwined with kindness. Acting with gentleness can establish trust and cooperation. Gentle people are strong because they know how to remain calm and show restraint in a crisis situation. They keep their emotions in check, controlling their reactions and remain composed. Truly great people give of themselves and empathize with others.

Why gentleness is good:

Gentleness calms people and decreases chaos. The result is less stress for everyone leading to feelings of reassurance for both caregiver and patient alike yielding positive results. Gentle handling teaches patients to respond in a gentle manner thus reducing the caregiver’s stress level as well. Learning to be gentle is an important skill we need to practice with all ages.

How we can be gentle:

  1. Think before you respond.
  2. Realize the affect of your response on others.
  3. React in a loving and calm manner, quiet voice, using non-threatening body language.
  4. Learn to empathize with others. Walk iŶ aŶother’s shoes for better understanding.
  5. Respond with kindness and avoid negativity
  6. Focus on what you can do to help others.

Being gentle is something you must work at and it does not come easy. Practice becomes habit. Remember your example will show others how to reduce stress through their actions. Responding in a loving way with gentleness and kindness will make your days happier and easier for all.

Article by Mary Kay Evans, LCSW

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